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A nature-friendly HTML and CSS visualisation journey, used to demo a podman container build.

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We already build a Docker container, but since Docker introduced their paid licensing model, people are looking for alternatives, and one of those alternatives is podman. In this write up a quick demo of how to build a podman container.

Repository on GitHub.

macOS version:

Install podman: brew install podman

Initialize podman: podman machine init

Start podman: podman machine start

Check podman version: podman version

We use a Dockerfile with the below content as the base for our nginx image, place the docker file in the root of your folder and name it (it's all in the repo btw):

LABEL "copyright"="&copy 2023 Philip aka RobertoTorino" 
LABEL version="1.0" 
LABEL description="oceanblue" 
LABEL maintainer="Philip aka RobertoTorino" 
COPY . /etc/nginx/html EXPOSE 80/tcp 
RUN apk update && apk add nginx && apk add nano && mkdir -p /run/nginx && apk add curl shadow bind-tools tcpdump 
COPY nginx/nginx.conf /etc/nginx 
CMD ["nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"] 
HEALTHCHECK --interval=1m --timeout=3s 
CMD curl -f http://localhost/ || exit 1

Build the container:

podman build -f --format docker -t oceanblue-pm:latest .

Run the application:

podman run -dt -p 9000:80 oceanblue-pm:latest

For a live demo on how to build the container click the picture below: