Automate Your Docker Build

In previous articles, we build some Docker and Podman containers by manually executing shell commands.

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But of course, this can be automated, so here is an example of a simple bash script that does just that. It can be used to build and update your Docker build.


  • Set variables for the application URL and the process_id.

  • Wait until the process is finished before moving to the next process.

  • If there is a running container stop that first.

  • Remove the stopped container.

  • Remove the docker images (alpine and app in this case).

  • Build a new image and tag it with 'latest'.

  • Run a new container (app) on port 8888.

  • Check exit status.

  • Open the application in your browser.



docker stop app
echo "container stopped"
wait $process_id

docker rm app
wait $process_id
echo "container removed"

docker rmi alpine
wait $process_id

docker rmi app
wait $process_id
echo "images removed"

docker build -t app:latest -f Dockerfile .
echo "new image build"
wait $process_id

docker run -dt --name app -p 8888:80 forrestgreen:latest
echo "running new container now"
wait $process_id

echo "Exit status: $?"
echo "all processes finished"

[[ -x $BROWSER ]] && exec "$BROWSER" "$URL"
path=$(which xdg-open || which gnome-open) && exec "$path" "$URL"
if open -Ra "Google Chrome"; then
  echo "opening application now"
  open -a "Google Chrome" "$URL"
  echo "no system browser installed"